Our camping safaris let you experience the East African wilderness very close to hand. Unlike the campsites in other parts of Africa, the ones in Tanzania tend not to be fenced and it is quite likely that you may find an elephant wandering between the tents or you may bump into a buffalo on your way to the shower.

Our Safari Camps are mobile following the migration inside the Serengeti National Park, with private vehicles and some excellent guiding. Our safari plans are organized in such a way that we follow the migration every move, not just in peak tourist season.

The campsites we use in all the northern circuit destinations during our Tanzania camping safaris, explain adventure better, and vary from one destination to another in terms of facilities.

Our camping accommodations mostly concentrate outside but close to the National parks and game reserves. Inside the camping areas, we often have a bar and provide basic camping facilities including communal toilets, covered cooking, washing area, hot showers and campfire. While at the camping sites, meals are served outside using camping tables and chairs. In case of rain, we provide a water-proof canvas for protection.

We use clean and comfortable standard tents big enough to allow you to stand up inside and are fitted with nets. During your Tanzania camping safaris, you will always be accompanied by a driver / guide and a cook. All our camping tours are fully serviced safaris where the guides and support staff pitch the tents and light campfire at night, taking care of every detail to give our clients easy time to relax and enjoy.

Our Safaris provide the highest level of comfort yet maintain intimate contact with the bush and the sounds of the African night.

The joy of camping is being able to get off the beaten track and experience the beautiful wilderness and nature. In Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Tarangire we have semi-permanent camps where you will find everything waiting for you on arrival. In other parks we carry tents to pitch at the public camp site.

We have put place measures to ensure security, safety and comfort to our clients. Our Masai people guard the campsites, hence a chance to interact with them. At night we set a camp fire where the locals perform at the request of the clients, as they have their favorite drink which they have brought or bought on the way in supermarket.

Tanzania safaris were originally organized for hunting fraternity and we have adapted this style of safari to cater for people whose interests are in watching or photographing Africa’s Wildlife, scenery and people.

We can tailor a safari to meet your needs. We look forward to making this your dream safari in Africa. Please, contact us for any comment you may have regarding our safaris.