Serengeti Simba Lodge, named after the lion (simba in Swahili)—king of the jungle, a symbol of strength, pride and royalty—sits high on a hill with endless vistas of the great Serengeti plains. We welcome you to explore, experience and enjoy the African wilderness and the amazing Serengeti as our guest at Serengeti Simba Lodge.

The ‘Serengeti Migration’ passes the lodge twice a year, around June-July and again in October when millions of ungulates make their annual trek through the Serengeti eco-system. With awe-inspiring panoramic views of the vast savannah, Serengeti Simba Lodge is home to prolific birdlife and a stunning array of large game including: lion, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, elephant, bush buck, zebra, gazelle and hartebeest.

Night game drives and performances by the Simba Dance Troupe will add to the experience of spectacular sunrise and sunset. At night listen to the trumpeting of elephant, the laughing hyenas and the roars of our namesake.

The common area of the lodge (reception, bar and dining) is built around a ‘kopje’ or rocky outcropping, providing an unusual and natural background for your enjoyment. But the one thing everyone comments on is the amazing views of the Serengeti to be seen from every vantage point on Serengeti Simba Lodge’s grounds.

Children over age six are most welcome at the lodge and must be under parent’s supervision at all time. Children under the age of thirteen must share a room with an adult (17 or older). There are two large family rooms in our Stone House.

  • “What a wonderful place… so peaceful. We loved the views, the tents and the great service. Thank you for everything!
  • “If you want great service, food, staff, views, accommodation and a wonderful experience, this is the place!”
  • “Thank you very much for our best days in Africa.”
  • “The staff was so accommodating and the service received was phenomenal. Thank you all so much for making our stay at Serengeti Simba Lodge so enjoyable!”

Serengeti Simba Lodge is committed to playing a role in improving the lives of the surrounding community, the people of the Ikoma tribe. In addition to providing vital employment opportunities, a bed night fee is paid to the local village council, which helps fund development projects.